Membership Policy

Our Membership Policy

Date: 13th August 2014 (revised 1st October 2014)

Membership Rules

- SRVC only support 1st claim applications.
- It is encouraged that each applicant attends at least 3 Saturday training rides prior to any membership application.
- Membership starts from 1st January and ends 31st December.

Membership fees are currently:
• Senior: £30
• Junior: £15
• OAP/Student: £15 - Membership fees will reduce from July, and will be calculated on a monthly pro rata basis.

Late December applications may be deferred until January unless the applicant wishes to compete or to take advantage of membership benefits. In such cases, a membership fee including the following years’ subscription may be advised.

- To become a member, an application needs to be made to the clubs’ Membership Manager, using the means as identified on the website.
- Each membership application will be subject to appraisal, whereby existing members can object or support a prospective member. Elements for consideration include cycling aptitude, cycling aspiration and potential commitment to the club. Acceptance will be judged on a count of those votes. In the event of there not being sufficient support, it is encouraged that the applicant attends more training rides. Advice for the applicant, if deemed appropriate, can be provided.
- SRVC have the right to refuse and revoke membership if any of the codes of conduct, listed below, have been breached, or for any other reason.
- Membership does not include membership to British Cycling.

Membership 1st Claim Club Member Benefits

- To be able to represent Sussex Revolution in all forms of competition, both as an individual and as part of a team.
- To be welcome in the participation of all of our regular club rides, including training rides, social rides and training camps.
- To be able to purchase club kit. NB: Club kit is only available to 1st claim members, unless under specific circumstances.
- To qualify for all internal club competitions and prizes.
- To be given a user account to access our very active and informative Forum, plus any other social mediums and applications the club uses for its communications.
- To be a member of a cycling club that is affiliated to British Cycling.
- To be a member of a registered club within the Surrey League (individual riders still need to be affiliated)
- To be a member of a Cycling Time Trial (CTT) affiliated club, entitling you to enter CTT time trials and hill climbs
- To be able to vote at the Annual General Meeting and have a say in how the club operates.
- To be part of the structured training plans.
- To be become a member of the official Team Sussex Revolution VC Strava club.
- To be entitled to any future club discounts, as and when they become available.

1st Claim Priorities Include

- Places on cycling trips, training camps and any other non-competitive based activity, that is not exclusively limited to 1st claim members. Some outings may still be limited to 1st claim members only.

Guests and 1st Claim Riders of Another Club

- Guests and other first claim club riders will be most welcome to join our training rides, including the Saturday and midweek training rides. It is encouraged that you train in your first claim kit so as to correctly represent your first claim club and their membership rules.
- Where guests and other club riders have an increased interest in SRVC, and wish to support SRVC events, such as hosting or participating in further rides, or joining one of our training camps, yet cannot commit to 1st claim membership, then special exceptions can be made. Please refer to the website for ways to contact us, and/or feel free to discuss matters on one of our training rides. There are ways you can still be involved.

SRVC Membership Code of Conduct

It is important that Sussex Revolution VC is represented in the correct way by all of its members. By becoming a first claim member you will agree to the following code of conduct.
To represent Sussex Revolution VC in the correct way in all of the events attended, such as:
- Official Sussex Revolution VC events (hosted, rides and social events).
- Official British Cycling events (races, sportives and any other event registered with BC)
- Non-BC affiliated events (races, time-trials, sportives)
- Any other ride which SRVC are permitted guests (such as other club training rides, e.g. Sussex Nomads, Crawley Wheelers, plus any other)
In situations where you are wearing Sussex Revolution VC kit, which includes commuting, or on your own training ride, or for promotion:
- To act in a way that is befitting to the club and to continually promote the club in a positive way
- To follow the highway code
- To act in a respectful manner to fellow club members
- To respect all other cyclists and road users. Aggressive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated at any time
- No inappropriate comments/content to be made on the club Forum, Strava, Facebook, Whatsapp and or any other medium that the club uses.
- To respect the area in which you ride. No littering and no public urinating or defecating.

Club Commitment

As a member you will be expected:
- To attend and support, such as marshalling, SRVC hosted events, where necessary, such as a Surrey League race, unless there is strong extenuating circumstances which prevent attendance or, where there are sufficient numbers of attendees present. At hosted events that require support, participation in the event will only be allowed if the support requirements have been met first.
- To wear club kit in competition and, where possible on training rides. If you are a British Cycling Category E, 1, 2, or 3 rider then you must wear club kit when participating in events.
- That you continue to show commitment to the club, in keeping with its ethos.
- To support the club with regards to the Safeguarding of young children and in conjunction with legislation relating to equality, diversity and inclusion.


If you are interested in joining SRVC, come and ride with us before you join, so you can make sure we are the right club for you.
Ride with us

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