SRVC is operated and run by it's members, if you choose to join us you will have your say on how the club develops, there are many benefits for our members, including an invitation to our annual training camp held in Spain every Spring. Members can wear our fantastic club kit manufactured by Ale® and gain exclusive access to the SRVC team app – offering training advice, the latest club news and events.

What are the benefits and commitment in being part of SRVC?

There are many, none more so than having the chance to ride as part of a team, whether it be in training, competition or one of our many social rides. Other benefits include all year round training rides, social rides, social events, club trophies to aim for, club affiliation to local racing leagues (SERRL, Surrey Leagues and Cycling Time Trials) and organisations, training camps and events abroad, access to communication groups offering advice and coaching, and of course, to wear the very attractive club kit. As far as commitments are concerned all we ask is that you are enthusiastic and ride regularly with us and help with marshalling commitments a couple of times a year.

What if I ride for another club?

If you are a first claim member of another club, then you will be very welcome on our training rides, there is no obligation to join.


The first step is to ride with us on one of our Saturday or Sunday rides so we can get to know each other, show you how SRVC operates and see if we fit in with your own cycling aspirations. If you are interested and plan to come along, then please read our membership policy and contact us at – we look forward to riding with you!

SRVC Official Club Kit

Our kit is currently supplied by Ale a leading italian brand featured on the world tour, focussing on high end kit for racing and all conditions. All of our members race or time trial in the club kit.

SRVC Team App

SRVC members have exclusive access to phone app with club news, social and race events.

You can download the SRVC Team App on Apple and Android devices using the links below.


If you are interested in joining SRVC, come and ride with us before you join, so you can make sure we are the right club for you.
Ride with us

Want to know what to expect? Take a look at our Strava page to see our club leaderboard and view any upcoming events or rides.