SRVC are committed to racing in the region, supporting both Surrey League and South East Road Racing League (SERRL) events, plus other local race series. SRVC also race cyclo cross events as part of the London Cyclocross League and The Sussex League.

Racing at SRVC

Newcomers to cycling sometimes have a misconception that racing is beyond them. Actually, most people with a basic level of riding fitness can have a try at racing once they’ve learned a few important race-riding rules and skills.

Racing for SRVC

Before competing in any event held under British Cycling regulations, you will need to join British Cycling and buy a racing licence.

British Cycling has three levels of membership – gold, silver and bronze. To find out more and join, visit the British Cycling website.

We often compete in Surrey League events which require an individual membership to the League. Current cost is £20 per year, and you can join online at the Surrey League website.

For a small club we have a strong record in road racing, with our riders consistently taking victories and prominent results, at levels ranging from Cat 4 to Cat 2. We also have a solid record of helping riders to progress, most of our Cat 2 and Cat 3 racers have progressed from Cat 4 during their time with the club. We have numerous experienced racers who are on hand to advise and guide those new to racing.

We train and race hard as a team to achieve these goals. We are always delighted when new members are interested in racing and will endeavour to help them achieve their goals and progress. Those within the club who don’t race also benefit from the opportunity to ride regularly with those who do, with obvious benefits to fitness, bike handling and technique.

What types of racing is there at SRVC?

Closed Circuit

These are either purpose-built cycle racing or motor racing circuits and airfields, where racing takes place free of other vehicles and there is no limit on the number of riders.

Open Road

Racing is held on public highways, which means that vehicle traffic will be present, field sizes are usually limited to 40-80 riders. SRVC organise and run some of these events.

Time Trial

Time trials are sometimes called ‘the race of truth’ because the only thing that matters is each rider’s strength and endurance, not the tactical and team-working factors that can be so important in road racing.

Cyclo Cross

Races typically take place in the autumn and winter, consisting of many laps of a course featuring pavement, gravel, wooded trails, grass, steep hills, hurdles and obstacles.

Interested in racing?

If you think you may be interested in racing, or are already racing elsewhere, then please come and join us for a ride!
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